Grading Information

YOU MUST LEARN YOUR KOREAN - It's now even more important to learn all about your grade level and the Korean attached to it. Your instructor will help you, that's what we are here for.

Mock Gradings

Mock gradings will take place in the week prior to the grading date.
Please check with your instructor nearer the time for exact dates of these.  If your instructor has not passed you in the mock grading or has told you in any of the mock gradings that were held, that you will not be allowed to grade, please do not turn up expecting to grade, as you will be turned away.DON'T forget your belts and good luck to you all.Things to remember at your grading: 1) 'Yes Sir / Ma'am' to anything that an official asks you to do.
2) Bow when you enter your grading, bow to Master Atkins at the start and at the end of your grading.
3) When your name is called to go into your grading, make sure you say, nice and loud 'Here Sir', otherwise they won't know that you are there.
4) Do the same when the instructor asks you your name, nice an loud.....'Joe Bloggs 10th Kup, Sir or Ma'am'.
5) When you have finished your grading and are asked to move out and after your told 'Class Charyot, Kyong-Ye', PLEASE DO NOT forget to say 'Thank you Sir'.
6) After you have completed the physical part of your exam, you will then go to a separate table to be asked your Korean questions, this will be with other instructors, some of which you may know and some you may not, make sure that you show them the same amount of courtesy that you would for Master Atkins, for example standing to attention, thanking them afterwards and not forgetting to bow to them as well. (Oh, and try and face them, even if it's not your turn, otherwise it's very distracting for the other students who are trying to concentrate on answering their questions.)

These are the 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do

Don't forget it's:

Courtesy, that gets you the respect of your fellow Tigers and friends, so, be polite to them, your seniors and the instructors.
Integrity, is what makes you know the difference between right and wrong.  
Perseverance, makes you want to keep trying, EVEN if at first you get it wrong, you must keep trying.
Self Control, is knowing not to lose your temper and not to shout at or hit anyone that you shouldn't.
Indomitable Spirit, even if there are many obstacles or people in your path, don't run away from them, stand up and show your courage and determination to overcome them.

How to make the rows up

The class is made up in belt order - Highest grade nearest the instructor, then down to the lowest, at the back of the dojang. If you have a stripe on your belt then you have not quite reached the full colour, so will be behind someone or to the left of a full colour belt. The rows start on the right if you are facing the front then work to the left, then a new row starts behind on the right again and across to the left.   Any belt that is lower than you will be on your left as you face the front, or will start a new row behind you from the right. 

Anyone that is late will be sent to the back, this doesn't mean that you will fail, so please don't get upset. As you can imagine it takes a few minutes to make sure that everyone is in the right place, so if you turn up late it's far quicker to start with you at the back, rather than make everyone move and keep the examiner waiting.